Ghost writer and scribe

Right off the bat, I want you to know that—at least for the moment—my mom is being my “ghost writer”.  She knows me so well that she can say just what I mean, even if I’m struggling to find the words.  We have discussions all the time—about daily stuff, about spiritual matters, about the world, about my questions regarding other people and their words and actions.  I often ask her to explain what people mean when they’ve said something in particular; she helps to “interpret” them for me, because part of the challenge of autism is the understanding of subtle meanings and body language.  Sometimes, when we have discussions, my mom takes notes or scribes for me—that means she’s writing down exactly what my own words are—and then she organizes what we’ve discussed and writes it down, editing as needed.  Actually, I also get scribing help from para-pros at school.  I simply can’t make my pencil move fast enough to get much done—my thoughts get in the way…

With my mom during Q&A after presenting

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