My mom

Let me introduce my parents.

Here’s my mom, Malva Tarasewicz.  She’s a professional musician, a writer, a competitive dressage rider, and my helper and friend.  She’s my primary supporter and team member.  She’s been my therapist all throughout my life and it’s like she can read my thoughts at times.  Now, when I’m at school, she’s busy writing a book about our life together—she wants to share the many thoughts and creative ideas she’s had over the years, helping me to overcome the challenges of autism.  She’s tough on me.  All that feedback…  You know…how to improve this or that…but lots of praise and hugs too.  We’re an awesome team.  I love you, Mom.

My mom’s publicity shot

My mom, in upper-level dressage competition with her horse, Orion.

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