More about my presentation

I’ve done lots of different kinds of therapy throughout my life—and am continuing with therapies even now—and so I’m able to give people a good summary of how my mom’s therapeutic work with me stimulated my brain development.  That’s why I was able to learn how to speak and also to develop social skills.  Plus, I talk about various bio-medical interventions and body-therapies that I’ve received.

During my presentations, I also talk about how my life is now.  Music has been there ever since I can remember, and when I was in elementary school, my mom started working on drama skills with me but—as I said earlier in this blog—a few years ago, I ran into some new challenges with my autism that kept me out of performing on stage.  Since then, being around friends at school has become the highlight of my life!  I know that being social is unusual for someone with autism but I thrive from being around people who show me that they truly care, who hug me with sincerity and give me “high-fives”…  Heart connections are one of the most important things in life.

Talking, talking…

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