Talking at CDE

I presented for a big staff meeting in Denver, at the Colorado Department of Education.  There were about 65 people there, and it was up in a big building, on the 11th floor, with an enormous window at one end of the room.  I almost got vertigo looking out of there, people in the street below looked so small.  I thought about being a bird and flying from up here…  The view around was super, blue sky and sun, lots of geometric shapes in the buildings, and there was a small church from last century being dwarfed by the many glassy skyscrapers around it.  I had fun presenting, like I always do, and then I answered questions while my mom packed up our things.

One person asked me for advice I’d give teachers.  I suggested using mottos like “Always keep trying, never give up.”  That’s one that my gym teacher in elementary school said a lot, and it’s stuck with me.  President Obama said that a bunch too when I got to hear his “speech for students”—I was in seventh grade then.  “Winning Attitude” is another one I like—my middle-school had posters with that one all around the halls.  I also like, “Make it happen.”  That’s from middle-school too:  one of the younger teachers there used to say that all the time, but now she’s gone—she died from a fast-moving cancer while I was still in sixth grade.

Thank yous from the folks at CDE

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