Tapestry Theatre Company

Let me tell you about the newest, exciting thing that has happened for me.  I’m back in theater!  A few weeks ago (in mid-September), I played the role of Schroeder in the musical “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”.  The production was put on by the newly formed Tapestry Theatre Company and the idea behind this group is to feature youth actors with developmental disabilities and to let them shine.

What a wonderful idea—and a God-send for me.  Finally, to be involved in a musical again!  Those of us with special needs were cast as the primary actors, and each of us had a peer mentor who understudied our role and helped us in whatever way was necessary, even during the performances.  The show was cut down to a manageable size and we had a much longer rehearsal period than is typical in the world of theater.  Everyone was so giving and understanding, and everyone was set up for success, feeling safe and supported.

We even had a brand new stage-set with great props, and an entire wardrobe of new costumes was made for the show; when everything was in place, we all felt like we’d really become the “Peanuts Gang”.  Our four performances were sold out and everyone was phenomenal—the audience was blown away by what we managed to do together…  I loved being in this show and can’t wait to be in another Tapestry production.

Me, acting the part of Schroeder–he loves Beethoven’s music just like I do!

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