A Favorite Movie

by Benjamin:  I would love to rave to you all about one of my favorite movies…Radio.  It’s based on a true story about James Robert Kennedy who grew up mentally handicapped and was nicknamed Radio because he loved radios.  Football coach, Harold Jones, of Hanna High School found Radio watching football practice from outside the school fence, looking terribly lonely, and he wanted to help Radio out because the boy wasn’t part of any school and just wandered the streets and countryside all day.  Coach Jones wanted to include Radio somehow, and so the coach gave him the task of helping out his football team and PE classes.  Radio so much loved being part of the group and spirit.  There were also times when Radio was bullied and teased, but eventually those mean kids got over their discrimination against him.  This special story is all about being included and appreciated.

And something really cool—I even emailed Coach Jones telling him all about how I’m giving my presentations on autism, and other things about myself.  He wrote back to me saying how very impressed he is, and a little bit on where Radio is at now.  Radio is 66 years old and still helping out with the Hanna High football teams!


Being included and cared about is soooo important…

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