Wrapping Up My Junior Year of High School

I can’t believe school is out!  Here are some of the highlights from this year.  During the afternoons, I was always shuttling from my high school over to the local Tech Center for a “Future Farmers of America” class.  We learned all about planting and growing crops and flowers in the greenhouse, as well as outside in the garden.  During the fall, I got to operate a “bobcat” machine and drive it around the parking lot a little!  It was quite an astounding experience for me since I don’t drive a car.  We built a chicken coop and raised various breeds of chickens.  It was fun collecting their eggs.  Another class project involved assembling a fish-farm kit, and we raised tilapia which we harvested and fried for lunch a few weeks ago.  We thought that we might get a sheep and put up a beehive, but that didn’t end up working out.  It was a fascinating class.

I was also doing a really fun volunteer task at school from time to time:  even though I was not actually taking PE class, I was coach-assisting, being the leader of aerobic warm-ups, games, and exercises using an electronic megaphone.  Sometimes I would call out things like “rotate,” or “game is over,” or team names and scores.  Everybody says I have the “typical announcer’s voice.”  I also volunteered for “Circle of Friends” where I would go and hang out with kids that have particularly severe disabilities and can’t be part of the regular school classes.

Then, at the end of April, I had the time of my life at Prom!  I went with one of my beautiful friends, and we joined a big group of choir friends to take pictures by a lake, and then to go to dinner and the dance.  There, we danced the night away.  Then, the after-prom party was a fun Renaissance festival theme, and we all stayed out most of the night before having a sleep-over.  At breakfast, I entertained everyone with one of my latest spoonerism stories—my friends were laughing their heads off.  I have decided that, along with my autism presentations, I am going to be an entertainer—I’ve been telling my stories and jokes at various parties, and I love to make people laugh and be happy…

Then, during the last week of school, there was a special choir banquet.  Three of my friends and I have been singing together, and our quartet was chosen as one of the performance groups for the banquet program.  We sang “And So It Goes” by Billy Joel.  I sing bass, and I just loved performing with my friends.  Some of them are seniors and I sure will miss them at school next year.    –by Benjamin

Prom 20Prom 3

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