Annie, jr.

“The sun will come out, tomorrow…” I was in rehearsals for the musical Annie, jr. with the Tapestry Theater Company all summer—this is Tapestry’s second year, featuring actors with special needs, and typical peers as mentors and understudies. (You can read more about Tapestry in the blog entry that focused on last summer’s show.) Our dress rehearsal took place the evening that it started raining cats and dogs, and all the creeks began flooding! Our show had to be postponed of course, and after two weeks of everyone dealing with their water disasters (they’re calling it a “1000-year flood”), we finally had our opening night. And then it felt like déjà vu—it was pouring rain again—but once the curtain opened, I think everyone forgot their worries. We were all transported to New York City in the 1930’s, and I loved playing Daddy Warbucks, the billionaire who adopts the orphan, Annie. There’s nothing like the high of singing and performing! And, there’s a special energy and sparkle that comes from this unique and inclusive group—we are so lucky. An enormous thank you to the directors, Elizabeth Goodrich and Lynne Niston, for making it happen. You can read the news article that came out before the show at There’s a photo of me as Daddy Warbucks with Annie, and I’m quoted near the end of the article.

Annie 3

Annie 1

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