End-of-Year Honors

One year ago, I was honored by the Autism Society of Colorado with their “Compassionate Youth of the Year” award, and this year, the Association for Community Living (Boulder County) recognized me with their “Self-Advocate of the Year” award! They said I’m the youngest person they’ve ever chosen for this award, and I feel so special and honored. I always want to help with making this world a better place, and I know that sharing my story is part of doing that. In fact, I’ve just posted my first YouTube video to help spread the word and show that having autism doesn’t keep a person from feeling and thinking about how they relate to others.

By the way—about making the world a better place:  I love nature and have, in the past, created “environmental bulletins” to read over the loudspeakers for morning announcements at school. I’m concerned about global warming, and I plan to help with “green” projects in the future—we have to take care of Mother Earth and all the living things…

Giving my acceptance speech to the ACL

ACL Self Advocate of the Year

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