Holiday Joy

I love singing so much! My “a capella” quartet performed a solo at our school’s holiday choir concert, and we sang “Unchained Melody.” It’s a beautiful love song, and my friends and I had such a great time rehearsing it and then presenting it to the sold-out crowd. I’m so proud to be in Fairview’s festival choir which has about 115 singers this year; we make a glorious sound, and I absolutely love all the music that we sing. Our holiday concert always ends with three songs sung by the “massed choir”—there are several hundred of us, gathered from the nine different choirs at Fairview, and we stand all around the audience, up the aisles, around the front and back, singing, and it’s the most amazing experience ever!

And now that it’s winter break, I’m reading my mom’s book about our life-journey together. Her book was born on the winter solstice when we had a book signing party with lots of friends visiting. I usually have a hard time staying on task with reading (it helps if I listen to the audio-book version at the same time as reading the printed page), but that’s not so with this story! And I remember almost everything that my mom tells about. Especially preschool—my teacher from that time came to our party, and I told her what an enormous difference she’s made in my life. She helped in waking up my imagination, teaching me how to play with other children, and it seems like it was just yesterday.

Reading BBB book

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