Media Whirlwind

My friends jokingly call me “The Rock Star” because of my presentations (sometimes with standing-room-only audiences) and all the media attention I’ve been getting lately – it rocks, for sure! The Denver Post did a feature article about me, and they even included the story about my unique prom invitation! I love being able to share, and laugh, and bring hope to so many people. When the reporter, Emilie Rusch, came to my presentation, she commented, “I had no idea it would be so fun.” She loved my jokes and poi swings, plus all the information. That’s the greatest compliment…

Denver Post article

I also got to meet Kyle Dyer, one of the anchors for Channel 9 News. It was a snowy cold morning with all the spring blossoms covered in white, and I had such a great time during the live interview, telling jokes, talking about prom, answering questions about reading my mom’s book and being honored with the Temple Grandin Award – the experience was way different than last year when I first appeared on TV. (After you watch the video clip, scroll down and read the accompanying story.)

The Daily Camera featured me in their Sunday edition, and I got to share how I feel about public speaking—like a king, a real leader—and we talked about the huge role of music and singing in my life. My mom talked about the “heart connection” she always focuses on when teaching me; creativity, imagination, and the arts are at the core of everything she does.

Daily Camera

A couple of radio interviews focused on my mom’s book about our life-journey. This 3-minute excerpt from KGNU’s Morning Magazine tells about the origins of my presentations, and then has commentary on the usefulness of my mom’s book—she’s all about balancing entertainment with education, and she uses storytelling as a teaching tool.

KBCO’s Irene Rawlings did an in-depth interview with my mom (a 28-minute conversation) and brought up a couple of her favorite vignettes from the book, like the “Strawberry Incident.” She quizzed my mom on how dead-end autistic obsessions can be extended and creatively transformed into useful, motivating, playful scenarios. And because my memories from earliest childhood are so clear, I have to say that all those artistic activities and interventions still influence me in a positive way, even as I move into adulthood.
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