In Memoriam: Acorn

Our beloved Welsh Corgi, Acorn, has left us to romp that great spirit-field in the sky…we miss her dearly. Acorn was with us for nearly 16 years, becoming part of our family when Benjamin was four years old. Although just a three-month-old puppy at the time, she fit right in with our other pets—a black Lab named Walker, and our orange tabby cat, Mandarin. She was an ideal therapy dog for Benjamin—and for me too, as her happy face and antics helped lift my spirits when things were difficult.


Acorn was always quite small, even for a Corgi, and she loved ducking under Walker’s belly, providing us with endless amusement as she’d grab the leash in her teeth and take off with Walker in tow, tugging him hither and yon, getting him wrapped around trees and stop-signs so she could nip his toes and tease his tail. With Mandarin, though, she was always gentle, matching his purring sweetness with her own soft snores.

One of Acorn’s favorite games involved chasing back and forth, barking madly when a ball was being tossed between two people. She wasn’t actually going for the ball; she just wanted to be part of the action. And when we had our annual Mardi Gras dance party, Acorn would be a highlight of the evening, tongue lolling from a happy grin , gamboling around people’s feet, most joyful when balloons were bandied about. Another recurring memory is of Acorn chasing insects, keeping in busy motion, eagerly spotting mosquitoes, flies, wasps, and the like, snapping and bouncing after unseen bugs.

Darling Acorn, we’ll miss your playful, happy personality, your endless capacity for enjoying pats and rubs, and your curiously sparkling yet soulful eyes. You always made me smile…and still do.

B and Acorn 2B and Acorn 3B and Acorn 4B and Acorn 1


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