Pure Imagination – Signature Song

Pure Imagination (from the musical Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) is like a signature song for me. I’ve always loved the melody, and the lyrics fit me perfectly:

Come with me, and you’ll be,
In a world of pure imagination…
If you want to view paradise,
Simply look around and view it,
Anything you want to, do it,
If you want to change the world,
There’s nothing to it…

This summer, in Denver, I performed Pure Imagination at the National Autism Society Conference during their opening event; I also sang it last year, soloing during a school choir concert.

National Autism Society Conference 2015

Last month, I sang it in memory of a longtime family friend who passed on at age 94. Throughout high school, I helped out at Tante Hanne’s, reading out loud to her as her eyesight failed, taking her on walks, doing her grocery shopping, and listening to reminiscences about childhood in WWII Germany. She loved when I made music for her, and at the memorial, I sang to her soul. She was the kind of person who believed in imagination changing the world…

Amazing, how a song can tell all, in such a little bit of time.

Speaking of which, during this last semester of high school, I’m in two choirs and we just performed in a big concert. I want to share two of the amazing pieces we sang:

Nordic Polska by the Real Group  http://youtu.be/5ghuDUs0DvY
If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqt005j1dB0

It’s such heart-expanding music – I can’t help hopping with delight when I think back on the experience! How lucky I am to share in that ocean of sound with friends.

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