Parrot Parent

By Benjamin:  For all these years, I’ve been wanting a parrot of my own, and that big dream has finally come true! I now have a little “fancy yellow-sided green-cheeked” conure whom I’ve named Midori, and she has the most affectionate, playful personality. She is a rainbow of iridescent colors:  bright green on her back and wings, a gray head touched with green beneath her eyes, long, burgundy tail-feathers, a red sunrise on her yellow chest, more yellow on the underside of her wings, plus flight feathers ranging from turquoise to indigo. Her beauty takes my breath away.


Midori loves being scratched at the back of her head, and especially on her soft, downy cheeks. When my finger reaches there, she’ll raise her little downy feathers like a fan, thus telling me, “Please scratch me there.” She often leans into my finger and closes her eyes.

Another thing I love so much about Midori is how she performs flips and other gymnastics inside and around her colorful “spiral” toy that hangs from the top of her cage. So I often refer to her as “my little acrobat.” I could watch her showing off for hours – she keeps thinking of new tricks to do.

I feed Midori the healthiest foods a bird could wish for. During breakfast and dinner, I’ve been giving her some grain, veggies, and fruit from my own meal (along with her special parrot food). It’s so funny when she enthusiastically sticks her beak into the dish and gets food all over her face. It looks as if she’s painted, like a clown.

Midori brings so much joy to my life! I will often hug her to my chest, or tuck her under my chin, and then I feel the love that’s so, so real. She walks around the back of my neck and plays with my hair, like she’s thinking of making a nest, and I can hear the life in her as she breathes. Sometimes, she’ll climb on my ear, and when I smile, she’ll use her beak to grab hold of my teeth to have a ride!

Midori kiss

Midori’s beautiful little body looks shaped like a heart, and so I sometimes think of her as “my funny little Valentine.” Here’s a Haiku about her:

An amazing bird
With vivid colors so bright
As tame as could be.

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