New Year, New Life Style

I love model rockets and thus made up a special celebration for the completion of my formal schooling:  a big count-down, then blasting off my flashy silver “Metalizer” rocket into the wide blue sky filled with brilliant sunshine!

graduation rocket launch

My grandparents joined us, and I had a CD of grandly festive bagpipe music as accompaniment while I recounted highlights from each year of school. That’s eighteen whole years—including both pre-school and “super-senior” time in high school. Then began our call-and-response: I shouted, “Eighteen,” and the others yelled back, “Eighteen!” “Seventeen!” Echo: “Seventeen!” “Sixteen!” And so on, down the ladder, until it was: “Three…two…one…blast off!” All my best memories flying up to heaven! And prayers for my future too. That was a beautiful launch, very straight and high, just a breath of wind carrying the rocket sideways when its parachute opened up, all shimmery against azure skies…

Now I’m taking something of a “gap year,” doing things I hadn’t time for ‘til now: I’m teaching myself guitar, am having some eurythmy sessions, and am working on creative art projects. Below are photos of my pottery pieces that have finally come from the kiln! I’m also singing a lot—some super-special performances coming up, stay tuned!

music inspired pottery

“The Lake Isle” (inspired by choral work of same title composed by                                     Ola Gjeilo, based on poem by W.B. Yeats)


surrealism pottery

“Surrealism” (a griffon)


joy pottery 2

Joy # 2 (a gnome garden)


joy pottery 1

Emotion Piece (Joy #1)

2 responses to “New Year, New Life Style

  1. You and your mom inspire me. My grandson whom I am raising has been diagnosed with ASD (HF), ADHD, SPD, OCD, CAS, Anxiety, and FAS. They are going to test him for genetic issues, but I’m hoping there are no anomalies. No matter what it shows, I will continue to school him, work on his therapies, meet all requirements that his med-team and I determine are the most productive. But because of you I know he will succeed. Thank you so very much for sharing so much of yourself, which I understand can be very hard. Best wishes in all your adventures, I hope your “Gap” year is the best ever.

    • Thank you, Colette, for your heartwarming note – and all the best to you, your grandson, and the circle of support that you so clearly have created. Warmest wishes, from Malva and Benjamin

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