“Lunch and Learn” plus Cantabile Update

I was invited to speak for the Lunch and Learn program at Horizons School, addressing the 5th – 8th graders. Attendance is voluntary, and the group was the largest they’ve had – over fifty students came! They were so attentive, showing such enthusiasm afterwards, it really warmed my heart… I love being a role-model and connecting with kids, helping them form a compassionate attitude that will hopefully stick with them as they grow. Thanks to the principal and the parent board for giving me this enjoyable opportunity!


Wrapping up the year wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Cantabile activities. (Cantabile is the excellent community choir I’ve been singing with since spring.) We recently went caroling at the beautiful Hotel Boulderado, singing for the tree-lighting ceremony. Before that, we had a retreat-weekend in Estes Park, preparing our November concert; rehearsing all day with views of scenic mountains all around was so inspiring! After dinner one evening, I got to entertain everyone with my “Rindercella” spoonerism story—everyone was in stitches! I’m glad this group is so social – they are my new circle of friends. I must admit, I still miss being with friends and peers on a daily basis (as I was during high-school); that’s been the hardest part about becoming a young adult and moving on in the world…


I’m wishing everyone plenty of Laughter and Friendship in the coming New Year!

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