Jewish Heritage

This month, I became more aware of Jewish ancestors who are part of my family’s heritage. Mom told me hair-raising stories of happenings to her grandpa and great-aunt during WWII, and these discussions were spurred by two of my autism presentations:  I was invited as keynote speaker for “Disabilities Awareness Day” at the Hebrew Education Alliance in Denver – it’s one of the largest  synagogues in the area, and I thank the hundreds of students who were so attentive and asked such excellent questions! Shortly after, I also spoke at Denver Jewish Day School and again appreciate the thoughtful comments and deep interest.

Then came time for Tapestry Theater Company’s Fiddler On the Roof. We had been rehearsing since mid-January, and I played the role of Motel, the tailor, getting my chance to shine in the song, Miracle of Miracles.

As always, I loved being with my cast-mates and loved singing the melancholy melodies woven throughout the show. More historical discussions opened my eyes to Jewish culture and traditions, and I especially enjoyed the wedding scene where I, as Motel, got married to Tzeitel; when the ceremony ended, I had to step on the glass wine goblet and crush it – that was a real kick! Thanks to all who attended our sold-out run of performances!

2 responses to “Jewish Heritage

  1. Benjamin! It’s your old dance teacher, Kate (also known as Dance With Nance) HI! : )

    I loved reading this newsletter and imagining you as Motel Kamzoil singing Miracle of Miracles!! I love the music from Fiddler On The Roof so much and your tremendous talent, presence, and depth feels just perfect for that play.

    I love reading about your adventures in your newsletter and am sending you and your mama lots of love 💜💚



    Kate Satten HeartWorks 303.249.3295


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