Spring Round Up

Fun opportunities, sprinkled throughout this spring, have added spice alongside my autism presentations and sensory-friendly concerts.

I was invited to co-emcee the ASBC’s (Autism Society of Boulder County) annual gala and wine-tasting event in March – the St. Julien Hotel is so elegant, everyone was super-dressed-up, having fun, and I loved introducing speakers, helping with fund-raising games, and reconnecting with people I’ve met along my autism path.

Channel 7 did a story on February’s sensory-friendly concert and interviewed me after I performed. Here’s the link:

I continue helping out at the Humane Society and was featured “Volunteer of the Week” in a recent newsletter. I love holding the cats, cleaning up their spaces and then playing with them, and there’s always a pile of food-dishes to wash and pet-laundry to be done.

Singing with the Cantabile choir is a weekly highlight for me, and our mid-winter concert was particularly moving. We premiered a terrific new piece by Misty Dupuis, a colleague of our conductor. She recorded us with her phone during this first performance and put it up on YouTube (look for me in the back row, third person from the left):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEEEEjmLX2U  We just finished up our season with Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, paired with other composers’ settings of those same psalms – a very interesting and varied comparison.

I continue regular visits to Fairview High – I love seeing prior teachers, helping out in the Life Skills class (especially sharing new pieces of music with them), and tinkering with further pottery projects. Here’s a frog I made for our garden (an arm and a leg came off while firing in the kiln).

I’ve also discovered the YMCA – they have special entry for people with autism, and I’ve been regularly swimming in the warm-water pool as well as dropping in for Tai Chi, yoga, and varied dance classes. It’s good because I really struggle with intrusive thinking and tics, and I’m always trying to get a handle on managing my difficulties. Becoming an adult continues as a challenge, and I’m still missing the connected feel of my last few semesters in high school. But my mom often comes along to classes, and I’ve had a friend or two join on occasion too.

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