I loved presenting my first, real one-man-show called Night of Inspiration at the Lakewood Cultural Center—their auditorium is a gem, and tech support was stellar. I loved being in the spotlight, literally—see photo:

I gave my most in-depth autism presentation (have quite a few versions of different lengths by now). Embedded, were many jokes and also the comical spoonerism fairytale, Pee Little Thrigs, plus my choreographed poi-swing routine, and a Q&A session. To round out the evening, I sang two favorite songs while accompanying on my new KoAloha ukulele. The acoustics in the theater were ideal, felt really wonderful for such intimate music-making…

Afterwards was a reception and resource fair held in the lobby—yummy food, plus vendors offering services and products which either support persons with disabilities or are crafted by them. Mom especially liked the crystals being made into jewelry…

Heartfelt thanks to the organizers from Wheat Ridge Regional Center, and to all the sponsors (find them on the invitation, see photos below)!

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