Giving Back

I love going back to my old high-school to visit with favorite teachers and to help out or share something whenever I can. I recently sang with my ukulele during halftime at a basketball game which was dedicated to a deceased Fairview student – music touches the soul like nothing else, and the family was so appreciative…

I’ll often visit the Life Skills room to spend time with more significantly disabled students, and they love what I share, whether it be jokes, or favorite classical choral compositions, or particularly beautiful music videos (The Eagle and the Hawk by John Denver comes to mind, with its great bird footage), or me walking down the halls serenading students with my uke.

This semester, I dedicated myself to developing a Zumba routine at home, which I then got to lead on several occasions during dance class. Such a blast! And it made up for my not being ready to do that when I was still a student – funny how autism seems to delay my progress in certain areas, but then I do sometimes catch up later. That’s true for a lot of folks on the spectrum; we often need more time and follow a different developmental calendar.

And then, you already know about my giving a meditation workshop to help students find their inner peace before final exams.   I still feel like Fairview High is a second home, with many people who can brighten my day, just as I brighten theirs!

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