Springing Into Spring!

We’ve been taking it easy this winter, with big changes in my mom’s life:  she got a hip-replacement and sold her young dressage-horse prospect, keeping only her semi-retired show horse who will be part of the family until he goes galloping around those green pastures in the heavens where spirit horses live…

Comandante ORO – 5 yr. old Andalusian – SOLD

But now, spring is coming, and I had the treat of co-emceeing the autism society’s gala once again! I love being partnered with Brett Saunders, the well-known “voice of KBCO” – he’s always funny and kind, and treats me like a pro.

The auctioneer this year was phenomenal – his ongoing patter kept excitement crackling in the air, and I’m amazed at how fast someone’s tongue and lips can move like that without getting tied up! And he’s also good at teasing and playing with the audience.

(me with auctioneer, Don Martin, and ASBC President, Lynn Wysolmierski)

Later, before an evening of dancing to live music, I got to tell some of my best, most recent jokes, and got an uproarious ovation! I love this group and this event!

Rockin’ out those jokes!

2 responses to “Springing Into Spring!

  1. Benjamin:

    what funny jokes you tell.

    These hip replacements are tough.

    Hope the horse sold well and is finding a new life.

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