Garden’s Gold

The annual springtime turning of the compost pile reveals the wonders of worms and microbes, and how they transform food scraps, leaves, and grass clippings into nutrient-rich earthy-smelling humus. This is our garden’s “gold” – the treasure which is sprinkled all over the garden, and at the base of all our fruit trees, enriching the soil and enhancing the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables that we grow. A strictly organic approach…

We add properly composted animal manure too, which is dumped in our driveway by a local farmer. There’s Benjamin, building some muscle, working alongside Oma and Opa…

Our most recent snowfall delighted the crocuses and snowdrops – much needed moisture in dry Colorado.

On cloudy days, crocuses close their radiant petals…

2 responses to “Garden’s Gold

  1. Benjamin and Malva:

    it’s been too long since I read your blog.

    What a great set of plants especially the purple ones – they make my heart sing.

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