Travel Opportunities – Vancouver, BC

To recap: Benjamin’s life-path hasn’t included typical college or gap-year experiences; his learning-style is best supported by hands-on and experiential opportunities. We are thus expanding his world-view and breadth of understanding through travel and friendship!

from Malva: When I was a child, growing up in Boulder, summers frequently included visits from a family friend and her four kids (about my age). The family would drive down from Vancouver, British Columbia, bringing along a pop-up trailer.

Hide-and-seek after dark in my parents’ expansive gardens, excursions for hiking in the mountains or swimming at the reservoir… These childhood memories came back strong when Benjamin and I visited Vancouver in mid-July, this being our first time in Canada.

That family friend is now in her early nineties, strong, fit, and active, still hiking, camping, sailing, and a model of excellent aging! Her four kids all live in the vicinity, and we had an unsurpassable reunion-day on the water, sharing awesome food and company, jumping ship to bob in the sea while taking in stunning scenery…

Photos and comments below, sharing just a few impressions:

The forest trees are incredibly stately, growing so straight and tall, with unusual fungi to be found…

View of Vancouver city-center while waiting for the sea-bus to take us across for a day at the aquarium…

Strolling along a sea-wall and happening upon a small beach…then a drive to look out over Horseshoe Bay…lush plantings and flowers everywhere…

Blackberry brambles abound, encroaching on neighborhoods, choking the roadsides, bordering forested land, weaving throughout the wild spaces…unbelievably tenacious and ubiquitous! And providing important berries for the bears and birds… We hiked a lot, and on Grouse Mountain, we got above the trees for an expansive view, extending to Mt. Baker and Washington State, USA!

An aside – just before our trip, Benjamin gave an autism presentation for the Boulder Valley Rotary Club. We always note these events with a photo at minimum; presentations are sprinkled amongst our varied activities throughout the year, steadily bolstering Benjamin’s role (and self-image) as inspiring and impactful autism advocate.

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