Benjamin’s Quarter Century!

from Benjamin: I celebrated my 25th birthday by giving a special autism presentation at Camphill Copake in New York! It was a rainy, cozy day (after several days of blue skies and colorful autumn trees), and as the afternoon light dimmed, I especially loved the feel of singing after all my speaking. Using a borrowed ukulele, I filled the amazing acoustic space of Fountain Hall—I felt surrounded and carried by the resonance of my own sounds. And then, the warmth and appreciation given back to me by my audience of Camphill residents and co-workers was so-o-o-o uplifting— everyone sang the birthday song to me, and I received a collection of beautiful gifts, all created in the Camphill studios and workshops—what an unexpected surprise!Really, my entire day was buoyed up by song and surprises…truly one of the best birthdays of my life! And helping me believe that I’ve had a quarter-century on earth, now!Later, after we ate supper in the house called “Lirio,” (they all have evocative names like Hickory, Capella, Argo, Aspen, and so on), a cake covered with flaming candles appeared, baked specially for me!Wow…I felt so much like part of a large, loving family, and since I’d already had supper at this house twice during the week, I really was friends with everyone, was really knowing some of them.Thank you to everyone at Camphill Copake, Camphill Hudson, and Camphill Triform for hosting me, for appreciating my autism presentation, for singing the birthday song repeatedly (even when it was a few days early), for making me such a celebrated person during my visit… Love to you all!

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