Images/Poetry of Our COVID19 Quarantine

– evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response
– special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas
?visual images can become stand-ins for poetic phrases?

from Malva: I feel that prose falls short (or rather, would be too lengthy) in describing our family’s experience of life during this COVID19 quarantine period. And there’s no need to rehash universal themes as we are all in this together, experiencing, digesting.
Thus, simply snippets/images conveying our personal highs/lows of these past six weeks.

Once Upon A Mattress (based on Princess and the Pea fairytale) – Benjamin as male lead, Prince Dauntless. Opening Night – cancelled the morning of…Malva – remaining Boulder Philharmonic concert season…cancelled.
Benjamin – remaining Cantabile Singers rehearsals/concert…cancelled.

Team M&B – autism presentations, sensory-friendly concerts…cancelled.
Malva and family – dog/pet care business…on hold…all animals staying home.

Rick – new job (return to professional flying)…voluntary leave without pay.

A long-awaited May trip to California, tickets bought, arrangements made…indefinitely postponed.

NOW WHAT? Repeated schooling of self:
Positive affirmations and appreciations, out loud—
I am thankful for…
Find the silver lining…

Cultivating awe:
The wild beauty and fluctuations of nature this spring:
– Daily interactions with growth-energy in Oma’s vegetable/flower gardens…prepping, seeding, planting, trimming, weeding…
– Highest level of precipitation in recorded history;

Tiny flowers before yet another storm;Classic spring flowers thriving one week later;

Recurring cycles of grief…
(Benjamin in particular—his autism and attendant anxiety/perseverative thoughts make this mountain an even steeper climb…)
– Intense isolation pain for Benjamin—missing friends, friends, friends…hugs and inter-personal contact…
– The sad emptiness of our dog-care space…missing those soulful eyes, happily lolling tongues, sensuous pleasure of petting furry bodies and silky ears, soaking up generous outpourings of love—amazing how dogs never tire of our company…
– The ache and longing for group music making, for performance, for energy/interaction with a live audience…(The New Yorker magazine, p. 69, 4-6-2020)

The upside of technologyZoom meetings to replace weekly choir rehearsals; Facetime calls to friends; partaking of amazing Arts Livestreaming (Metropolitan Opera – rerun of Wagner’s Ring Cycle 2011-12 a particular highlight)
– Benjamin performing in a Virtual Cabaret (fundraiser for CenterStage & Tapestry Theater Company)

The flipside of technology—quarantine highlights the need for actual physical connection, for live music making, for the direct contact and interaction of theater…and so on. The soul-feeding energy that accompanies live experiences/interactions is irreplaceable. Vital. Essential. The Heart of our Humanity.

Making wise/creative use of time:
– Culinary creations and explorations; heavenly tastes of invented combinations and of newly tried recipes;
– Daily communion with nature;Everyone’s to-do list is shrinking at a miraculous pace…
– Benjamin is learning new songs to perform with his ukulele;
– Rick is applying his carpentry/mechanical/home-improvement skills at the family cabin and at Longmont airport;
– Malva has re-formatted/uploaded her 1999 book, Mental Practice & Imagery for Musicians (blog post to come);

Consciously shying away from fear and an overload of news…while yet acknowledging that a “new normal” must evolve…(Dr. Judson Brewer – “COVID Anxiety” 4-15-2020)

Nightly, 8:00 pm “howling-from-home” ritual– a primal, eerie sound, hearing so many neighboring human voices chorusing like wolves, on cue…a connecting sound, through space.
Be well, stay well, Everyone…

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