One Silver Lining of a Crazy Time

from Malva: For me, one silver lining of the COVID19 pandemic has been the expansion of time available for tackling endless TO DO lists. The longest-standing project—queued up for nearly 15 years (!!!)—has been completed, and below is the notice I sent out announcing my first book’s resurrection.

Benjamin helped by reading out-loud the entire book while I followed along on the computer, catching error after error that resulted from old computer files not translating well into updated formats. My husband, Rick, helped out with untangling complex formatting issues, and he also managed to recreate the book’s entire cover so that it appears now just as it did twenty years ago. Heartfelt thanks to you both! And thank-you to my readers…

***Dear Friends/Musicians – you may know that my first book, Mental Practice and Imagery for Musicians, was published in 1999. It eventually went out of print; subsequently, used copies sold on the internet for ridiculous prices.

The ongoing pandemic and resulting cancellation of work has had a silver lining: time to reformat/upload the book onto Amazon’s “on-demand” book platform. Finally, Mental Practice and Imagery is back in print!

Here’s the link:

Over 20 years ago, MP&I received glowing reviews in many professional magazines and was endorsed by leading professionals (see quotes on linked page). Back then, mental practice/imagery was cutting-edge performance psychology.

Over time, the impact of mental techniques has been confirmed, becoming especially popularized by elite athletes. I’ve loved hearing from readers and most recently received this note from Aaron White, Bassist, Pittsburgh Symphony:

I recommend your book to all my students (I keep my copy in the studio) and I mention it at masterclasses as I think it is a great resource for any musician. I injured my left hand while in the New World Symphony and went through the book while I was out of commission. I give credit to your book for my success at auditions as it has helped me so much over the years!

Warmest greetings to you all, with best wishes for your health and safety during this crazy time. And perhaps there’s a silver lining here for you too? Extra time to experiment with mental practice? To overhaul aspects of your technique? To optimize rehearsal time and enhance performance? To free up your imagination with music you love?

Musically yours, Malva

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