Insect Fun

Late at night, I went up to the open space behind Chautauqua auditorium and recorded the soothing sounds of crickets chirping. I love comparing cricket types by variations in their sound—I hear which octave they sing in, and easily remember their specific pitch and rhythm pattern. Even though my mom is a professional musician with perfect pitch (I inherited that trait), she doesn’t have my kind of memory for such sound nuances—it’s an autistic splinter skill, and my mom always marvels: “It’s like magic!” Here’s the recording:

To counteract my covid-anxieties, I’ve been doing lots of mindfulness practices including guided meditations from the internet, and my cricket recording is perfect for falling asleep.

I’ve also been enjoying the sound of katydids. They are easy to hear but hard to spot, and I captured my first one ever when it fluttered by one dusky evening amongst my grandparents’ grape vines! (I’ve been doing garden work into the night when it’s cool, using a head-lamp to illuminate the weeds.)I’ve kept this one as a pet, watching it chew through oak leaves and sip droplets of water after I’ve misted the windows of its home.

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