Virtual Choir and Life Now

I’ve participated in a virtual choir, initiated by the Master Chorale of South Florida. We had regular zoom rehearsals, and then each singer recorded their own voice part (video and audio). Once submitted, all the parts were electronically blended to create the virtual choir performance. We premiered the beautiful choral work, As Long As We Are Here, by Jake Runestad. The piece was conceived before covid19 hit, yet coincidentally, it poetically expresses my current life focus!

As long as we are here, in cousinhood
with flora, fauna, fountain, and fresh air,
let us make a nearer noise, let us
sing to fill this dome, let us
wonder under the stars, let us
thrive, fully alive to all the heaven
here at home.

Listen/watch here:  (The choral director and composer both talk about the piece beforehand.)As the months keep marching on, I’ve been grateful for lots of sunshine as I stay close to home, working in the garden (pruning, raking), hiking and biking locally, and occasionally visiting with friends. And practicing my ukulele, of course.

With public performance activities still on hold, my mom and I continue taking time to enjoy Metropolitan Opera archived performances being streamed via internet. World-class, beautiful, inspiring, stirring—not to be missed! And it feels so good to be watching in our newly renovated living room – red oak floor, ceramic tile entry, freshly painted walls, all colors and textures harmonizing like a song. Nearby, stands our Christmas tree, harvested from my uncle’s mountain property.Also, with the winter solstice coming up, we’ve marveled as the seasonal Geminid meteor showers have peaked, sending “falling stars” streaking across the sky. Make a wish…hush-sh-sh…magical. Thankful for stunningly clear skies which ease the memory of unprecedented wildfires, smoke, and floating ash that accompanied us like a pall throughout the summer and autumn months. Happy holidays to all of you, and may the general quiet of this year translate into serenity and joy, with gratitude for simple things.

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