Brainsong Concerts

This summer, I’ve performed in two Brainsong Concerts:  sensory-friendly events put on by Julie Marshall of Lafayette ( and specifically geared towards autism families.

In June, Boulder Ballet dancers collaborated with Colorado Symphony musicians, and during the chamber-music portion of the concert, I joined in, playing my violin. What a joy, performing with this group of professionals!

Brainsong 2

In July, Mom and I played a program we called “Musical Mix” – lots of variety and audience interaction. We started off with classical violin duets (Bach, Beethoven, etc.) to set the mood. We encouraged kids to dance along with silk scarves before we changed gears and “traveled” to the Renaissance.

Brainsong 5

Using costumes from my childhood, we set up a royal court – king, queen, and magician, with the remaining audience acting as court musicians. Mom played recorder as I led a winding march around the room, the courtly ladies and gents playing hand-drums, bells, shakers, tambourines, and the like – great fun, reminiscent of our family Mardi Gras gatherings! Then, a Gavotte for stately dancing and several lovely 3-part Madrigals (me playing alto/soprano recorders with mom filling in multiple parts on her violin).

Brainsong 3

Next, we “traveled” to a farmer’s barn dance, complete with cowboy hats, me playing lively fiddle tunes while Mom provided guitar backup. I also sang the popular ballad, My Grandfather’s Clock, accompanying myself on guitar, and then did a very cool, rhythmic jaw-harp demonstration.

Brainsong 4

The wrap-up was my latest poi-swing routine, choreographed to Celtic Music!

We covered lots of ground in this concert, wouldn’t you say? I’ve loved preparing for these programs, and that’s given a nice focus to the past few months. ( I’ve aged out of Tapestry’s summer musicals, so no hectic rehearsal schedule there…)

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