Pee Little Thrigs and a Uke!

Appreciations to one of my favorite audiences – always ready to laugh deeply! BVSD transportation has its annual in-service/training each August, and this was my third time educating and performing for them. This time, I changed it up by doing a 10-minute “in-a-nutshell” autism presentation and then pulling out the stops in comedy, storytelling Pee Little Thrigs, the spoonerized children’s tale about three pigs and a big bad wolf. (Last year, I did Rindercella and you can get background on spoonerisms and my Renaissance-Faire-beginnings with them: )

When my microphone lost power, I filled the gap with several of my best jokes while things got fixed up with new batteries. I shared all my long and short bird-jokes, and then some. After I finished the piggy-story, I brought out the ukulele (which I’ve been practicing for a year now) and sang two favorite songs, accompanying myself: Puamana (in Hawaiian, using falsetto) and the famous hit-medley, Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World.

The standing ovation warmed my heart, and I can’t wait to do it again! ‘Til next year, friends!

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